CIRCLE Pakistan

Led by Sadaffe Abid, CIRCLE Pakistan’s mission is to advance women’s economic participation and empowerment through innovative entrepreneurship and leadership labs, advocacy campaigns and research. We develop and support the entrepreneurial and leadership capacity of women and  youth in Pakistan to bring about economic growth and social change.

Areas of work

  • Leadership capacity building of women and  youth in Pakistan through workshops, fellowship programmes, dialogues and mentoring
  • Research and Advocacy to achieve women’s equal representation and access through building a knowledge base, campaigning & partnerships
  • Entrepreneurship and social innovation through supporting women’s entrepreneurship and leadership in Pakistan and regionally

Why We Do It

Women are a powerful new growth market.


  • Women boost the bottom line.
  • Many CEOs publicize the need to attract more women leaders.
  • Women’s unique capabilities in emotional intelligence, collaboration, and communication are not fully utilized.


  • Few business school programs employ women faculty or offer models that address women’s leadership.
  • Many organizations lack lasting, actionable strategies to support the talk.
  • The dialogue on women typically focuses on skills that women are lacking.

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