Clients & Partners

We love to engage across sectors and audiences. We relish in both partnering with and being challenged by a variety of organizations and voices.



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Academic Influencers

  • Carol Gilligan, Professor, NYU School of Law
  • Marie Danziger, Lecturer, Public Policy and Communications, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Robert Kegan, Professor, Adult Learning and Professional Development, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Manfred Kets de Vries, Founder, Centre for Global Leadership, INSEAD


Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Ronald Heifetz, Founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership and King Hussein bin Talal Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School

Men As Allies and Mentors

Diverse teams and companies produce better results. Nations that tap into the potential of both men and women build economically strong and resilient societies. We believe both men and women benefit when men become allies of women. In fact, we often recommend follow-up workshops to bring men into the conversation and challenges that arise in the classroom. CIRCLE benefits from powerful, ongoing counsel from the men in our lives, including husbands, fathers, professional colleagues, and men esteemed in their fields. Allies help us strategize. Mentors push us to experiment. We inspire them.

What can men do today?

In environments with more men:

  • Women tend to sit toward the end of the table or at the edges of the room. Encourage women to take a seat front and center of the room.
  • Women tend to get interrupted more in meetings and offer fewer ideas. Ask women to contribute candidly to the conversation.
  • Most women raise their hands for new roles and assignments only when they feel they meet 100% of the criteria. Encourage women to go for it. Nominate or sponsor a woman for a role.
  • When you are requested to speak on a panel, make sure it is diverse and encourage the organizers to invite a woman speaker.

martyCIRCLE is playing an essential role in the global quest for gender equity. They model deep cross-boundary, cross-cultural collaboration.  They provide women with the tools for exercising leadership effectively. They are confronting the hard work of systemic change by challenging the gender bias of traditional leadership ideas. Sadaffe, Kelly and Oriane give me hope. – Marty Linsky, Faculty, Harvard Kennedy School