Women Entrepreneurship

Did you know? Entrepreneurial activity among women has increased by 7% across 61 economies in just two years and women entrepreneurs have narrowed the gender gap by 6% since 2012 (GEM Women Entrepreneurship, 2015)!

She Loves Tech 2017

  • Global startup competition happening in 8+ countries with CIRCLE hosting the Pakistan round
  • Winner attends finals in Beijing, China with a week-long bootcamp, networking and media opportunities at the She Loves Tech conference in September 2017
  • Above 80 entries received from Pakistan

She Loves Tech has a lot to offer to guests!

  • Come watch Pakistan’s Top 10 leading tech startups fight it out in the entrepreneurial arena!
  • Want your own startup? Watch the judges interrogate startups and learn from their questions.
  • Witness a nail-biting competition between startups belonging to awesome incubators such as The NEST I/O.
  • It’s not a conference. We’ll keep you entertained in between startup pitches!
  • Fond of collecting memories? Take a selfie with the winning team and judges.
  • Be patriotic! This is the first stage of a global competition. Come support Pakistan!
  • Get a chance to win exciting goody bags

She Loves Tech Pakistan is taking place on August 19 at JS Auditorium, IBA City Campus from 3 to 5:30 pm, followed by refreshments. To register as a guest, click here!

Our partners in Pakistan:

The Express Tribune and Express News (Media Partners)







Sybrid (Technical and Business Partner)





Lakson Investments (Financial Partner)






Business Chapters

Currently operating in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, CIRCLE Women and Business Chapters connect women entrepreneurs, professionals, mentors and investors, providing workshops and opportunities for local and global partnerships.


Aims of the Chapters

  • Cultivate networks of support for women entrepreneurs and professionals and provide development opportunities such as mentoring, workshops and seminars
  • Identify and develop solutions to challenges for women in the ecosystem bringing innovative ideas through research, experimentation and advocacy
  • Spotlight women entrepreneurs, women in leadership and highlight success stories to increase visibility of women leaders


Current offerings

  • Mentorship with Cherie Blair Foundation – a formal structured one year program, matching Pakistani
    women entrepreneurs to mentors from around the world
  • Speaking opportunities for specialists and professionals in every field, through conferences and panels
    organised by CIRCLE and partners
  • Skills workshops focused on leadership, entrepreneurship and work-life balance with networking
  • Fire side chats depending on the needs of each chapter, aimed at discussing issues affecting professional
    women in Pakistan
  • Social media promotion – highlighting the work and insights of women-led startups and female

To join a Women and Business Chapter in one of our three cities, email






A tech education project targeting young women from underserved backgrounds.

Why Tech?

  • Pakistan has seen a 97% growth rate in IT over the last four years.
  • Pakistan’s freelance programmer market ranks 3rd in the world.
  • Half of all jobs in STEM will be in computing by 2020.


Why Women?

  • Women re-invest 90% of every dollar earned into families, communities.
  • Pakistan’s economy will grow by 30% if unemployed women start earning.


Aims of bringing tech education to underserved communities

  • Bridge the gap between skills and market requirements for young people with mobility restraints
  • Boost the economic influence and representation of women in Pakistan’s tech field
  • Provide girls and young women with new modes of learning beyond traditional education, connecting them to the internet and transformative power of technology
  • Improve the quality of life in low-income communities through promoting knowledge and awareness of health, financial literacy and life skills via the internet
  • Reach 10,000 students by 2020, 70% women, by building a scalable model that can be replicated across the country


  • A 5-6 months coding program that focuses on Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing, with curriculum designed to align with industry needs
  • Workshops teaching life skills such as financial literacy, problem solving and communication.
  • Support entering and sustaining a freelance career
  • Digital tech-hubs in urban slums that provide a safe, accessible space for women to work, connect and learn.
  • A growing and supportive network of peers, mentors and role models.



CIRCLE Youth: Campus Chapters

Developing leadership capacity of the youth with a strong focus on young women to increase women’s participation in the economy for Pakistan’s progress & prosperity. Currently active in 10 campuses across Pakistan!

Why campus chapters?

  • 69% of Pakistan’s population is under 30 years of age (Jinnah Institute)
  • Female youth unemployment makes up 62% of total female unemployment (Jinnah Institute)
  • Globally, 39% of employers identify a skills shortage as a leading cause of entry level vacancies (McKinsey)
  • Labour force participation rate for women in Pakistan is 25% (World Bank, 2015)

Aims of Campus Chapters14435026_1093433864056037_5549811141848796959_o

  • Build confidence, provide mentorship and role models to young women and men to increase women’s participation in the economy & young men as allies
  • Inspire commitment in the youth for gender equality and social change
  • Develop leadership capacity and equip young women with tools
  • Provide a platform for the youth to share their ideas, insights and to connect them with resources
  • Chapters act as ambassadors for CIRCLE’s mission of women’s economic inclusion, advocating through partnerships with conferences, societies


  • Events and workshops connecting chapters to industry leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs for mentorship and to raise aspirations of young women
  • Access to internships at CIRCLE and through CIRCLE Women & Business chapters
  • Developing capacity through opportunities to lead and execute projects
  • Cutting edge tool kits bringing practitioner experiences & insights to young women in colleges to prepare them for the workforce
  • ‘CIRCLE Youth’ social media platform to share views, writings, insights and goals

To start a Chapter at your campus: email Join a movement of future leaders!

Workshops, Keynotes and Panels

IMG_0199_karachiGroup_1800pxWe engage professional women and entrepreneurs in rich and challenging leadership development opportunities by providing and discussing tools and concepts that can be applied immediately at work. We address the foremost challenges of emerging leaders, high-potential women, start-ups, established ventures and the C-suite of women and men.

We deliver and host stimulating keynotes and panels on our themes, research, and leadership insights, while our workshops take on a unique approach to learning.

A Unique Approach to Learning

Our innovative learning methods provide a challenging and transparent learning space in which women collaborate to explore the edge of their competence, draw on underutilized innate resources, and experiment in real time to strengthen their leadership identity and capacity. We complement workshops with inspiring and thought-provoking guest speakers, receptions, and panels.


“Eye-opening.” – Sadia M., Head of Special Projects, Engro

“Brilliant, innovative learning experience.” – Umaima S., Chief Management Officer, Tameer Bank

“Platform to shed self-doubt, step up, embrace challenges with an open mind and perform.” –Saira A., Senior Risk Manager, SCB

Inclusivity Consulting

At the start of consulting engagements, we conduct an informal audit of diversity and inclusion in the culture of the organization. This includes 1:1 interviews, focus groups, and audiences of women only or women and men. We bring to light the dynamics and realities at play in order to select and customize a program that jump starts sustainable change. We prioritize and sequence the work by partnering candidly with organizations and leaders to meet their needs.

Women in developing markets are more educated than ever before and positioned to build the global workforce. We help organizations build their pipeline of women leaders and create gender-diverse, adaptive, and inclusive work environments. We sit down with executive teams to:

  • Develop a robust strategy for diversity and inclusion with a focus on learning.
  • Diagnose the current state of diversity and inclusion.
  • Educate the organization on unconscious biases and behaviors that undermine diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Measure progress by designing a balanced scorecard and a series of interventions to foster inclusion.