Tech Karo brings technology, which includes coding and digital marketing combined with life skills (discipline, resilience, problem solving, financial planning) to women to enable them to increase their livelihood, and generate positive impact for their families and communities.

Through building women as economic agents, CIRCLE will transform Pakistan’s future and break the endemic trap of poverty and lack of education. The project focuses on innovation and quality rather than numbers to ensure impact and learning. Ultimately the project aims to foster inclusive growth and women’s upward social mobility. The Tech Karo initiative will address SDG 5, 8 and 17.

The results from the pilot have flipped the traditional model by bringing majority young women in the classroom and teaching them how to code. Out of 50 graduates in 2018, 30 were placed in internships and jobs.

In 2019 building on the pilot and successful results, CIRCLE is running two technology training programs; web development course (coding) where we have introduced free code camp certification (globally recognized certification) as well as local content and Digital marketing course to help girls become freelancers.


The program aims to teach web development to students through soft wares like: HTML, CSS3, Java script programming, and Mobile Web Apps.

  • Web development course at UIT,
  • 8 Month program,
  • 50 graduates from 2018 (15 placed in jobs/internships),
  • Existing cohort includes 100 students.


Circle’s Tech Karo initiative in Lyari aims to provide Digital Marketing Skills to young women from underserved communities to help them become freelancers.

The aim is to bridge the digital gender and economic divide and leverage the power of technology for economic transformation of families and communities. Locals say that there are more than 70 community centers within Lyari, however not a single one opens doors for women. By setting up a digital literacy class not only CIRCLE  aims to make them freelancers so that they can become financially stable but also create a safe space where women are welcomed, can learn skills and grow.

  • Digital Marketing course at Lyari Girls Cafe
  • 4 month program
  • Cohort of 48 girls